Sunday, 17 August 2014

October Mordheim - The Unholy Cult of the Third Eye

Mordheim is starting in October (the month) at October (the gaming club). This should have been the first photograph of my force for it but due to an administrative fuck-up this is actually only 86% of the complete as a model got missed off the pic. There are actually seven - there is another cultist armed with a bow who is painted, honest guv.

This is a Cult of the Possessed led by the chaotic degenerate Magister Manfred von Reichs-Pudding.

The force has been cobbled together from stuff already painted which probably makes the complete force utter shite but who cares? von R-P is an old classic Jes Goodwin Chaos Sorcerer (Barakast Hell Rider) and the only thing that had to be painted to make up the points. Figures from Citadel, Asgard and I've never found out who made the dark-skinned chap on the right.

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Dust Brothers

Out of the blue, here's a Dust Tactics Allied Taskforce starter set I painted up. It's amazing how quickly, smoothly and easily stuff paints up when a nice Chinese girl in a factory has already assembled then, and given them a nice matt coloured primer coat. :)

I went for a "green" basing scheme - didn't think that I could pull off the winter camo look that appears to be much of the Dust Tactics aesthetic, it doesn't match our "green" table coverings, and I decided I should use the good base colour they already came in.

This is "Top Hat", my 17 pdr-armed Pounder walker. There is a turret MG and a spotlight for this kit but I left them off as I suspect they'd just snap off in transport. I painted over a couple of the factory-added tampo printings, added the Hat-in-the-Ring badge from my collection of surplus waterslide decals (it's a from a 1:72 First World War aircraft kit), and a freehand tank name on the back of the turret. Colour is just Army Painter Strong Tone Ink over the existing factory basecoat.

(I suspect that "Top Hat" will also see Rouge Trader service as a Stegatank armed with an autocannon and two heavy stubbers).

"Bot Hunters" squad. There is another option in the Allied army for a squad where one of the bazookas is swopped out for another guy with the rifle + rifle grenade combination. A little bit disappointingly these are older figures that came in a box with the newer figures on the front artwork! Newer figures have much more detailed goggles being worn up on the helmet itself - very reminiscent of Falklands War era Argentinians who had the M1 helmet and similar googles. Just painted with detail on the base coat and washed.

This is a poor pic but this the taskforce leader Bazooka Joe and a three man squad of Grim Reapers. I found the Grim Reapers a bit awkward to paint in that if they are overall olive drab then there isn't much detail painting to be done on them. I settled for giving them brass cartridges on their ammo feed belts and numbering the chest plates.

Nice quick and easy project. I have played this, both as Dust Tactics on the included maps and as Dust Tactics Battlefield as a proper "open table" wargame and the latter felt much better despite being pretty much the same game. There are SSU (Sino-Soviet alliance) and German-not-Nazis being painted up within the Stourbridge club.

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Suddenly, Warhammer Fantasy!

It wasn't my fault - some friends were talking about Warhammer on a small scale (game size-wise, not figure scale-wise) and I suggested the old 500 point Border Patrol version, and then I worked out that I could do an Ogre Kingdoms Border Patrol with only ten figures from the £49.99 boxed set from Mantic and still get three units out of it...

In fact with a hero, 12 warriors (Bulls in modern WFB-speak), and 6 blunderbuss wielders (clearly intended as proxies for Leadbelchers) it only really needs the standard bearer from this set (below) being fielded as a Bruiser with an Army Standard to come up to around 1000 points.

Oh dear. This has guaranteed the arrival of WFB9 before I get those ten Ogres finished. Sorry about that.

(There is even a Skrag the Slaughterer in modern WFB but he's nothing like the original).

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Necromunda Blanche Gang

There are still two games left in the October Club's Necromunda campaign so here are The Blanche Gang ready for their first outing next Tuesday.

In the style of The Ramones and The Datsuns all members have adopted the surname Blanche. Hence say hello to Jeremiah Blanche, Jethro Blanche, Jed Blanche, Joss "The Boss" Blanche, Jimmy Blanche (the Juve), Jodrell Blanche, Jezebel Blanche (her in the sky blue FMBs), Justinian Blanche, "Basement" Jaxx Blanche and James Robertson Justice Blanche.

The original Necromunda models are repaints of the tat I got from the Stafford show last month.

There is also an EM4 Miniatures plastic Ganger in there and two of the Chaos Cultists from the Dark Vengerboys 40K set.

Anyway, remember Fantasy? Elves and Orcs and fantasy lands? Well, I'd kind of forgotten about it as a concept but the campaign that follows this one will be good old Mordheim. A Cult of the Possessed is nearly complete (it needs one figure painting) so some fantasy figures will be along in a bit.

Games? What Games?

GW Investor report is out -

This will get pored over and torn to pieces on all the usual boards but for me the following is the really interesting part and it speaks volumes.

In about 3491 words (depending upon how you count it, including titles etc.) Kirby says the word "miniature" (or "miniatures") thirteen times.

Outside of the title "Games Workshop" and one dismissive reference to computer games, the word "game" (or "games") is never mentioned.

Saturday, 26 July 2014

RT/Gruntz Narrative Campaign - Crusty Encrustation

Inquisitor Obiwan Sherlock Clousseau's sources report that a much-detested xeno species has been observed entering the Amblecote star system. This species is known to the Ordo Xenos as the "Crusties". It is believed that these unwashed degenerates may have whored themselves out to military service with the rebellious elements operating within the system. Inquisitor Clousseau recommends the application of industrial-strength cheap cider, military-grade giro cheques and other bribes in the form of mongrels on pieces of string. Consult the Imperial Army's Sanitary Division in case of further escalation of Crusty infestation.

Photo intel of xeno species acquired by psionic remote viewing follows. Know your enemy.