Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Assault on Assault on Black Reach

A Note to Games Workshop

When laying out the designs for the plastic sprues for the Space Marines in the Assault on Black Reach box set, don't connect the scrap of the sprue to the large, rounded areas of the shoulder pads. It's a pain in the arse to clean up and produce a nice, smooth surface, it really is. Also when you are aren't doing this, don't run the sprue right up to the raised "Tactical Squad" marking on the shoulder pad on one of the poses as this would make the pain in one's arse even more painful because then you'd have to be immensely careful with the sandpaper not to remove detail. Not doing this would be nice thanks.

A Second Note to Games Workshop

When designing the sprues so that the Marines' gun and hands pushes into the body of the piece via a peg and hole arrangement don't do anything stupid like make the peg far too big for the hole and ensure that the hole is so large (despite being undersized for purpose) with such a narrow rim so that it can't be opened up to take the peg without the Marine's wrist disappearing. Obviously if you'd done this then the peg would have to be removed with a Tamiya razor-saw, followed by more delicate filing of the remains of the peg in order to get the model to fit together and then the join wouldn't be a strong as designed. This would be a really dumb and irritating thing to do, especially in a set aimed at noobs. Cheers.

A Third Note to Games Workshop

I haven't started on the Terminators, Marine Captain, Orks or silly Ork helicopters yet.

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