Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Future War Commanders Command Future War On Surface of Amblecotius Agri-World

Sorry no pics. Forgot the camera so just a brief couple of notes on the game.

Played 3000 pts. of my Space Marines versus James W and his Eldar in a straight forwards encounter battle. I still haven't learnt how to use the unusual army that is the Space Marines properly under FWC rules, they are a paratroop army par excellence but once they have landed and massacred whatever they landed next to they tend to run out of steam. They seem to wipe out their surrounding enemy then find themselves unable to move very far across the table in order to sort out the more distant lot and the fact that arriving on the table by air means that they arrive in a somewhat erratic and disorganised manner.

It doesn't help that for two games running my losses in troops that were shot out of the air during the drop far exceeded my losses "on the ground". I may need to abandon the drop pod assault and go over to landing the Marines in proper dropships. Drop-pods that suffer from a Suppression result during the drop are lost, Drop-ships merely abort and can try again next turn. This could have saved me a lot of hassle - not to mention about 16 stands of Space Marine infantry and a Dreadnought over the two games. When you consider that in these rules a stand represents a platoon of about 15-25 men it's clear that I've lost probably 3 companies of Space Marines in two battles purely due to AA. Time to volunteer for the Human Bomb brigade perhaps.

I also tried out a Titan, fielding a Warlord Titan which faced off against two smaller Eldar Titans. Titans seem a little bit unpredictable - with shields up and the ability (unique to Massive-sized units) to fire primary and secondary weaponry together they tear through stuff, but once shields are down a Suppression result can be extremely nasty since the Titan is static for a turn and can't use an automatic initiative action (denied to suppressed units) in order to bring the shields back up to full strength. Had James had even a small collection of rubbish troops near the Titan when it was suppressed, weight of fire would have done for it. I mainly used the Titan because I'd based it up for play not because of any great plan. It was actually a repainted vinyl Transformers toy but what the hell - not the worst proxy I've ever seen. It killed one of the Eldar scout Titans anyway.

James did something weird by attempting over-run attacks on my CO base. Since the CO will retreat from this a few good assaults by a fast-moving Eldar Titan left my CO continually retreating tableedgewards but still within range of the Titan's assault. This meant that after a few good rolls on 2d6 from James to keep ordering the Eldar Titan my Chapter Master suffered the ignominy of being chased off table from a original position somewhere near the centre line. Methinks the Chapter Chaplain will be having a word with someone once they get back to the Chapter-Fortress on Rynn's World.

Sadly we ran out of time at 8 losses a piece (break point for both armies) as James' lift arrived early and I didn't think it fair to keep him hanging around especially as the battle had hit a natural lull.

FWC is currently sitting at the top of the pile on my list of All-Time Favourite Wargames. It takes me back to the days of huge Space Marine games in the mid 90s but is a far, far, better and more grown-up game.

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