Tuesday, 7 April 2009

An OD&D Monster For Our Times

The Jaqula (aka The Red Witch of Red Itching)

AC 2
HD 7-9
Move 12"
Number Appearing - 1 (Unique)
% in Lair - 20%
Treasure - Type F
Alignment - LE
Bite does d6 dmg + drains 2 levels.

Vampiric Parasite appearing in the form of a middle-aged woman. Puritanical and voyeuristic, will stalk party before attacking in order to learn which party members offend it's puritanical sensibilities the most in order to concentrate later attacks upon them. Fascist lawful alignment. Will always loot victims for cash and food (especially pork and/or gravy) which it cannot gain sustenance from but enjoys the sensation of gorging upon anyway. Regenerates 3hp per round and can reform her physical form after death, burning and/or acid will not prevent this neither will the traditional stake-in-heart, only the hanging of the corpse in public (such as from a lamp-post) will prevent The Jaqula's later return. Lacks the traditional Charm Person-like ability of the true Vampire. Immune to any and all attempts to confuse via demonstrations of logic or intelligence.

Rules an area of the Dungeon known as The Panopticon in which her supernatural spies see all.


  1. From what warped corner of your subconscious did this hideous, kebab-guzzling, five-bellied, jackbooted monstrosity slither forth? Thankfully for the sanity of mankind there's nothing so shuddersomely vile and twisted with evil venality and hatred of all life in reality.

    Oh, wait... ;)

    Moar please! Any chance of statting up the Broon Gorgon (whose baleful cyclopean gaze destroys all it beholds) or some of his tribe of snivelling snotgoblins?

  2. I had thought about Cyclopian Broons but really it's the WacquiBacquiJacqui that really makes my blood boil. Bloody woman should have been stamped on at birth.

    Maybe % in Lair - 20% is a bit superfluous - after all we can't decide which one of her lairs really is the proper one...