Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Pics of My Epic Space Marines

These are the Epic Space Marines that I've been playing Future War Commander with since the start of the New Year. The idea behind them was to get a workable army painted as quickly as possible (before the impetus behind my interest in FWC waned in the face of not being able to get a game together) but still at a standard with which I'd be happy fielding on the table in public. Also I wanted to make sure that I could add to the army at short notice and for that I must have a paint scheme that I can replicate quickly, say painting reinforcements on a Wednesday night or Thursday night for a game on Friday evening.

As a result all the models are painted in a flat coat of Games Workshop Enchanted Blue, some contrasting detail picked out and then washed in "Miracle Dip" - in this case Wilkinsons Quick Drying Satin Interior Varnish (Dark Oak) - just like Army Painter but available in my local hardware/household store and much, much cheaper.

I decided to paint my army as the Crimson Fists chapter - not that I slavishly stick to "official", "sanctioned", "approved" colour schemes, usually prefering my own, but I knew the colours worked well and it's a nostalgia trip thing for the good old days of the cover illo to Rogue Trader.

Basing is much more simple than I usually do (and I dislike the bowling green effect that GW seem to like, especially for tank bases!), but I wanted something fast and since the other Epic armies at Stourbridge had the same green flock finish I thought it would fit in well. As it happens the blue of the armour and the green of the flock harmonises well together.

If you're not familiar with Epic 40k models, they are scaled to a rough 6mm representing a 6' human but the superhuman Marines tend to be taller and bulkier.

Chapter Master Pedro Cantor. Treated as "CO" under FWC rules. My basing convention for COs are three infantry models and transportation.

Space Marine Captain, a paint conversion of the Epic Chaos Commander with a Rhino chassis converted into a command variant with little detail bits from the bits box. Treated as "HQ" under FWC rules. My basing convention for HQs are two infantry models and transportation.

Another Space Marine Captain/HQ.

Space Marine Devastators and Rhino transports ("Support Marines" in FWC's "not challenging the Evil Empire's trademarks" parlance)

Space Marine Tactical Squads and Rhino transports ("Regular Marines")

Veteran Marine Commanders will notice that I don't have any Assault Marines. This is mainly because I hate the Epic Assault Marine figures which look extremely dated and I don't like the two-weapon concept they have at all.

Dreadnoughts, in FWC-speak these are three Support Walkers and an Assault Walker. Paint conversions of WizKids MechWarrior:Dark Age Battle Armor, Kanazuchi and Infiltrator MK.1 if memory serves. I just removed them from their original bases and painted them up, pleased with the results and they were effectively free coming from my old collection of MW junk.

Old-School Land Raiders (M1 "Big Mama" IFV). Daft design but nicely cast and proportioned and I have a nostalgic soft spot for these.

Newer-School Land Raiders, although I think in 28mm scale there has been a newer revision of the Land Raider design style since these were made. Nice models, look a bit more plausible than the older Land Raider.

Assorted recce stuff, Scout Bikes (M4 All Terrain Bikes), Marine Scouts and a command base that can morph as Forwards Artillery Observer or Forwards Air Controller. I mounted the Bikes in pairs rather than the usual three because I can then distinguish between Scout units and combat units although I haven't actually built any combat bike units yet. Basing convention for the FAO/FAC is as a HQ base, but with lighter transportation.

Evil, teleporting Terminators (aka "Power Marines"). Mega-expensive troops this shot alone has 960 points of troops. I could quite easily treble this if I painted up all my Terms :) Mounted in threes because I felt that mounting in 5 looked too dense and 4 looked messy due to the 5-man bases then looking as if one model was missing. Figures go further this way too.

Vindicators and Whirlwinds (or M1A1 "Bad Ass" Assault Tank and M1 Missile System). Whirlwinds can be on-table or off-table units.

Old Argentius, my proxy-for-any-type-of-Giant-Robot Giant Robot. Last saw action as a Warlord Titan (M3 'Death Dealer' Walker). A repainted vinyl Transformers toy (not articulated to transform) which being vinyl is still slightly tacky 12 months after being painted and probably will be for ever. Originally painted for an abortive Battletech-with-toy-Japanese-Robots project that never took off. Pictured with a 1:300 building and Space Marine stand to show scale. Base is 60mm square. And the pink is not pink in real life, but deep purple!


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  1. Thanks, mate: I found this helpful for 'Epic' Crimson Fist reference.

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