Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Swords and Wizardry Arrives at Coop Towers

Swords and Wizardry turned up yesterday, having taken 19 days to come from Spain. That's over twice the time I expect for whole boxes of slotcar stuff to travel from New South Wales to the UK which seems to take 8 days every time with no variation.

Internal paper is a bit cheap but very impressed with the quality of the binding and the strength of the cover. Unfortunately with it taking a near month to arrive at Coop Towers after ordering I had nearly a month to change my mind and decide that the White Box OD&D will probably be my Old School game of choice! I fancy a printed copy of the "White Box" version of Swords and Wizardry as well now, but the apparent time delay between ordering and holding it makes me lose interest in all honesty.

For the record I'd had PDFs of the original White Box OD&D for a couple of years without printing them out, I printed them out a couple of weeks ago and was about to slap down the trivial $5 (or whatever they cost) and upgrade to a proper, legit copy because I was quite happy to do so... it looks like I won't be able to "go straight" with it. Shame that, Wizards. Your loss and I won't be able to point interested Stourbridge players at a legit download for it. Wonder what I'll have to provide them with?

On the subject of hooky PDFs I torrented a copy of the Ork Codex for 40k. This isn't entirely "I don't want to pay for it" as I will need to buy it to make proper use of the Orks I got in with the Assault on Black Reach Set. It's on the shopping list it's just that it was late at night and I fancied a brief flip through to see what the points values were like and think about future model purchases. It's also nice to have the PDFs on a memory stick that I can carry around with me and read on my lunchbreak at work. So have no fear, a proper, shop-bought copy will be acquired in the future. It's needed for play after all.

Anyway, and this was what I thought was relevant to the recent Wizards PDF kerfluffle, the PDF I ended up had printers crop marks and timestamps on it, not page furniture you would find on a retail copy even one that had been gutted from it's binding and scanned as individual sheets.

So, clearly, this hasn't come about from a purchaser but has escaped onto the web from somewhere along the production process from mastering to physical copies.

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