Saturday, 11 April 2009

Two Strikes For the Old School Renaissance

I took my print-out of the White Box PDF to my game of Future War Commander at the Stourbridge Wargames Club last night along with my copy of the 4E PHB.

Firstly, in a room full of wargamers and roleplayers I couldn't even give the PHB away. The response of the club's RPG group was "couldn't even give ours away". Another group had played a 4E intro session on the previous week and had no interest in a immaculate and free copy of the PHB. I'd worry seriously if I had anything to do with WotC.

Secondly, a few people thumbed through the White Box and we have a game on! Old wargaming mate Dave O. fancies a game of it so part of the Netherpit will be written up and DM'd for a game of the original and best in a couple of weeks time.

I'll write up the Future War Commander (Marines vs Eldar) in a later post. Unfortunately due to the early arrival of my opponent's lift home it got a bit curtailed but the game continues to be A - easy to play, B - extremely difficult to play well and C - my current favourite wargame.

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