Thursday, 21 May 2009

Mars Attacks! Full Thrust Fleet

I found this picture today while going through an old 'My Pictures' folder - a bit of a joke but perfectly usable at the same time. Decorative panel pins (rosehead) for furniture, painted steel and inkwashed and mounted on bases. Instant Mars Attacks! Martian fleet for spacecraft games!

I ultimately made up about 30 of these for Full Thrust or similar games mostly as a joke but also because at around 15p per ship I couldn't resist it. Mounted on watercolour board with bits of space scenes (mostly cut from videogame mags) they look quite effective and this was a something of a reactionary lash-out against the sheer bloody cost of modern white metal spacecraft miniatures.

Despite having 30 or so ready for use (including a load of planets built from painted and based table-tennis balls), I've never used them for gaming as the fleet consists of one type of craft and think the complete lack of balance in a fleet full of saucers wouldn't make for a very edifying game. I never managed to find anything similar and cheap for larger-sized ships. One day I will play something with them though.

Made the rest of the Stourbridge and District Wargamers club smile though.


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