Sunday, 17 May 2009

Mongoose Traveller

I picked up Traveller:Pocket Edition yesterday from Waylands Forge in Birmingham. I've never owned nor read nor even flipped through any version of Traveller in all the 25 years or so I've been a gamer so hopefully this purchase should go some way towards correcting this curious gap in my gaming knowledge and history.

I got the Pocket Edition because it was £10 cheaper, but the book is not actually as large as you think. The outer dimensions are 8.5" x 5.5" (215mm x 140mm) but the pages have very large margins so the printed area ends up being about 6.25" x 4.5" (155mm x 110mm) so are a bit small for easy reading. However I bought the book in order to learn about the game and should I ever play it then the £25 full-sized hardbook will be on the shopping list.

I also picked up 4d6 for my friend's 5 year old. I'd previously given him two cheap d6 from Poundworld and told him he can roll the dice with his collection of toy soldiers so have been delighted to see him setting up armies, counting them out to make sure sides are equal and then throwing the d6s to see which army loses a soldier, tank or giant robot (he has a box full of old plastic Epic 40k stuff as well as the usual horde of Army Men and HO scale Airfix WW2 copies). The Poundworld d6 were utter crap (seriously - so badly cut that the spots for the '6' run off the sharp edge of the face!) so had promised him some proper, game quality dice. Some marble-like Chessex 16mm D6s later and he's well on the way to being seduced into growing up a gamer like his Dad and his favourite Uncle Coop.

Anyway, the football season at home is over for me today, so now I'll be free on a lot more Saturdays (until the Coca-Cola Championship starts when we'll have more games then we did in the Premiership) and should be able to go up Waylands a lot more.

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