Friday, 15 May 2009

My Somewhat Late One Page Dungeon Entry

I'd started an entry for this competition but my holiday had come along before I'd sorted it out and then I took my eye off the ball and never completed it. However, since the deadline has been extended by a week due to some ambiguity about the original deadline I decided I may as well finish it up and send it in just for jollies.

It's called Strange Loops, it's only 12 encounter areas but set in a strange and (hopefully) confusing maze created by unfathomable warps in space and time - hence the name.

You can download it here - It's decided to be easily extendable and scalable to suit your party. If you don't like it, well it's an idea for a dungeon level and there are 12 encounter areas you can cut-and-paste straight into your own designs.

I found the One Page Dungeon Template to work really well - it forces one to concentrate on purely the essential notes on the dungeon and so level construction is very fast. Strange Loops took a bit of time because of the odd geography but I suspect it wouldn't take above an hour to do a more conventional level and at an average of 2 lines to describe each keyed location, a level of 20 encounter areas can easily be fitted onto one sheet of paper.


  1. Better late than never.

    Nifty little unique level. Lots of fun touches with the statues (including giant head - maybe the level got built around an old statue...the neck and rest of the body just a couple feet below the floorstone!) and such. Good mix of oddness/monsters.

    Gelatinous Splatter? Never heard of it. I guess cubes have to have physical problems just like anything else. Diseased, or disabled?

  2. Cheers Brunomac. By "splatter" I mean a Gel. Cube that isn't cube shaped but is more of a pouring of thick, clear slime oozing over the floor. Also, I like the sound of the word :)

  3. This is mint, I'm gonna splice it into my megadungeon, well done, hope it's a winner!