Monday, 18 May 2009

The Netherpit Starts Getting Dug

Having received a bit of nice feedback for Strange Loops, I decided to carry on while I was on a roll and create Level 1 of my Megadungeon via the usual One Page Dungeon template. Level 1s are probably the hardest of all dungeon levels to create well - it's all too easy to create something that is too soft to provide a challenge and looking at the sort of dungeon denizens to be found on the upper levels tends to induce a feeling of "yawn... Kobolds, Giant Rats and Giant Centipedes again...". I'm not sure I've succeeded in creating something more interesting but take a look and see what you think.

Format-wise I've rolled up the Level 1 PDF along with a revised version of Strange Loops (just corrected two typos - nothing major) and what I dub a Level 0 which is a single page explaining the entrance to the dungeon. The zip file of 3 PDFs can be found here and it's my intention to keep the whole thing in one zip file and post updates as new levels are added and existing ones tweaked.

Level 0 is the entrance, set under a sinkhole and through the mouth of a gargantuan carving of an evil baby's face (well, why not?). Hopefully it serves to slightly awe the players and acts as a gentle reminder to those expecting Gygaxian Naturalism and something from one of those "Ecology of the Kettle-Witch" articles from The Dragon that we are in a different world here, the Mythic Underworld and the real rules of the universe no longer apply.

Level 1 is set in a series of catacombs inspired by the Christian catacombs of Rome. Except that a mysterious and evil meteorite has crashed into the place and turned everybody into Zombies. Just like in one of the Metal Slug Neo-Geo games. I forget exactly which one.

What I plan to do with the upper levels of the Netherpit is not simply to have one first level, one second level and so forth but to have a variety of level ones connected by a central hub (which can be seen in Level 0) and give the players the choice of where to explore. The current Level 1 is therefore just one of several that should radiate out from the entrance room to the Netherpit.

Anyway, feel free to download the latest zip and see what you can cannibalize from whatever you find within.


  1. This idea of a dungeon that branches right from the get-go is cool. The fumarole, the stone baby face and the antechamber of moaning skins are classic labyrinthine schlock horror.

    PS: Netherpit1 Classic Blue Tile pngNetherpit1 Classic Blue Tile bmp

  2. Chris, that map is absolutely brilliant and I owe you one!