Sunday, 21 June 2009

Free RPG Day

It was of course free RPG Day on Saturday so I jumped on the train to Birmingham to visit Wayland's Forge my FLGS. There was a table stacked with free swag so not wanting to be greedy I only added a complementary d6 and the Rogue Trader and Dragon Warriors handouts to my purchase of Bloody Picnic.

Rogue Trader looks interesting but the £40 price of the Dark Heresy rulebook (assuming that RT will have similar pricing) puts me off big time especially if it requires another book to play - one of the main reasons why I don't buy modern RPGs. I still haven't recovered from being all excited about a second version of WFRP before realising that it was another incomplete RPG that sells you a book that isn't adequate to play. So while RT looks like a good game - essentially Grimdark Star Trek - I can't imagine I will be buying it especially if it really needs two or three books before you can play properly.

That's a shame because I shied away from Dark Heresy, not only because of the price, but because I thought DH was the wrong place to start with 40K-based RPGs. I can imagine all DH scenarios being a case of "Oh look, heretics. BLAM!". Rogue Trader, in a campaign where just about anything can be beyond the next star system strikes me as a much better and more varied premise for a campaign. The included scenario is not bad, a boarding of a derelict spacecraft/salvage claim gone wrong.

Dragon Warriors looks quite good. I never owned a copy when it was out in the 1980s but the freebie gave you the character creation chapter, a couple of creatures and an encounter. The system looks nice and fast and if this is a proper RPG playable with just one book I may add it to the list of lusted-after items.

As it happens I am back at Waylands this coming Saturday for a game of Uncharted Seas so, since good form demands I buy something while playing there, I might pick it up.

On the afternoon I headed to some friends. It was their son's sixth birthday (the infamous Not-Really-A-Nephew-Nephew) and I had bought him the Black Reach Paint Set. So I spent a couple of hours assembling the models for him, showing him how I put them together and cleaned up the castings, flicked some primer at them and handed them over for him to paint. We had a nice time sitting at the table while he took painstaking care in thinning his paint and slowly slapping red on the Marines. I was impressed that you actually get the Foundation Paint in the set, not the regular stuff but that does mean the bright red Marines he wanted have turned out dark red.

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