Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Games Expo/GURPS Lensman

Games Expo in Birmingham this weekend. It's a good weekend, I went last year and intend to be there all weekend this weekend.

Sometimes things are meant to be. I got in last night from a evening at my slotcar club and put my laptop on before retiring to discover that not only was a watched eBay auction for a copy of GURPS Lensman ending in 15 minutes but that eBay had emailed me a bunch of voucher codes, one of which was for £3 off a purchase in, yes, the Toys and Games section. So I quickly bid on it and won it despite a late bid from someone else.

I read the Lensman series last year having hunted down assorted second-hand paperbacks off eBay. It was a good read, horribly dated but a fantastic piece of space opera archaeology - amazing to see how much modern pop culture has it's origins here. Clearly massively influential upon Star Wars (and that's putting it politely) and the work that invented outright the idea of far future naval combat amidst the stars. And, of course, where the modern view of Green Lantern comes from.

I'm always loath to recommend books to people as all too often they end up hating them. Before the big budget films came out I never recommended The Lord of The Rings to anyone on the grounds that if they were in my peer group and would enjoy it - they would already have read it and done so. Having not made the effort to read it before suggested that they weren't the sort of person who would enjoy it. But Lensman comes recommended if you accept that you are reading it out of curiosity not so much for it's own merits. Fans of Star Wars and Green Lantern should definitely read it though just to see where everything was birthed.

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