Wednesday, 17 June 2009

More Netherpit Excavation

I've decided to add Telecanter's Coastal Caves to The Netherpit as the second of my Level 1 levels. Originally I wasn't going to add anybody else's stuff to The Netherpit, the megadungeon concept being one of being something personalised by the creator after all, but I have a game coming up a week next Friday, I want to offer the party another Level 1 level and this fits in very nicely indeed.

From my deadskinmask room the party will now be presented with two portals. The eastern one will lead to The Catacombs Of The Green Meteorite and the western one will wend it's way through damp limestone until it drops them in Room #1 of The Coastal Caves.

I don't know how it will fare in the OPD competition but Coastal Caves is my favourite of all the entries that I've bothered to download and read. It feels like a real place and should be interesting to explore. Will it stay in The Netherpit as a permanent feature? I'm not sure as ideally all of the dungeon levels will be my own work but certainly it will there for the first expedition by my players.

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  1. It just dawned on my that caves/dungeons located on a coast are my favorites. Maybe because I grew up near the beach. I just remember how cool "The Lichway" was in White Dwarf mag.

    Entrance caves that fill up at high tide are icing on that cake!