Thursday, 18 June 2009

M:TG Starts To Look Good For The First Time Since The Early Nineties

"ZOMGWTFBBQ! New rules of Magic have ruined it and dumbed it down! I've been playing M:TG competitively for ten years and spent over $15,000 on cards and that's it I'm out! Too simple! It's like the CBeebies version of M:TG! WOTC sux! I'm leaving this game! Screw you guys!"

etc. etc.

Fantastic! Every post I read along this lines is making me more and more likely to rush out and start buying, collecting and trying to get a game of Magic 2010 when it comes out next month. All the ultra-competitive, ultra-argumentative players who can browbeat you into thinking "sod it - let it go, let him have his way it's only a bloody card game..." are leaving the game? A chance to get into the game in Year Zero without needing to source rare cards from the past two decades? I'm in there. Nice move Wizards. Time to get a nice new lever ring binder and a bunch of Ultra Pros.

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