Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Paint Disaster

No, not one of mine (for a change). A couple of hours ago a street maintenance lorry pulled up outside my house, orange hazard light flashing. A council workman jumped out with and repainted the big, white word "SLOW" that is on the road at the bottom of my drive. I prefer to think of this as being a warning of a concealed junction further up and not a pointed comment made solely for my benefit.

Being a figure painter I watched with some interest as he wielded what appeared to be a square cake-cutter on the end of an aluminium pole. He poured some thick white paint into it and just ran it quickly and with no mean skill over the existing, faded lettering. I was watching, the painter in me thinking "now that is an beautiful opaque white where can I get some from?" and then thought "hang on, how long will that take to dry?"

So he quickly demonstrated a real skill at this and did a great job - then answered my second question by leaping back into the lorry, drove over the new paint and smearing it all up the street...

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