Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Projects On The Workbench

Hayfever is crucifying me today. Let's have a look at the projects I have on the go.

The Netherpit - White Box Circa '74

A week next Friday we will be playing White Box OD&D. I'm the Dungeonmaster. I was thinking of running the party through some of The Netherpit. I have the entrance chambers to the dungeon sorted and also the Catacombs of the Green Meteorite as the first Level 1 of the dungeon. I'm unsure as to whether I will need to bring more to the table so to speak and whether I should be adding another Level 1 One Page Dungeon (to offer choice to the party as to which direction to take) or create a Level 2 Dungeon under the Catacombs in case the players get deeper in during the single session than I expected.

I'm going to play the game straight with minimal house-ruling and let the dice land where they fall. Should there be a TPK half-way through an evening, the beauty of the Megadungeon concept is that the players can create new PCs (or just rename their dead ones) and start another expedition.

It will be interesting to play the White Box, but it is a bit of a nostalgia exercise. Should the Old School dungeon-bashing carry on at Stourbridge I will almost certainly change over to Swords and Wizardry for future games.

Exalted For Newbies

This has gone seriously back-burner. The rules are nice and simple but there are so many crunchy bits to include that it's starting to make my head hurt and I'm struggling to see how a novice player would cope with so much to think about.

Sturmlanding Auf Black Reach

I've nearly painted the entire Space Marine force from Assault on Black Reach. Last night I did a load of groundworking and discovered that having put the backpacks for the Commander and heavy weapon trooper somewhere safe (to be painted off the model), I can't remember where that is. Arse. Will have to keep my eyes on eBay for something suitable, perhaps some crappily painted plastic models that I can cannibalise for the packs. Or see if the Space Rangers backpacks can be grafted on - after all I have 30 of the things squirreled away for future projects. NB - A sprue of 5 plastic backpacks Buy It Now'd on the 'bay while formatting this post.

Crimson Fists Space Fascists Chapter House, Ulster branch.

See? Resemblance tis uncanny...

A couple of the Orks are painted but realistically I've no interest in them at all. I think I will just assemble everything that is currently unassembled and leave it at that.

I've realised that I'm not interested in expanding the 40K stuff beyond this box set and ultimately may pass it on to the Not-Really-A-Nephew-Nephew. The plan here is to put on a game for him and his cousin so I need to sort out some terrain as well.

Terrain-wise I have the Games Workshop Moonscape set and will mix with the old stand-by of cloth off-cuts sprinkled with lichen and plastic aquarium plants.

Nobody really plays this at Stourbridge, there is some interest in AT-43 that might end up filling the sort of niche that 40K would occupy in the life of a wargames club.

Uncharted Seas

I'm missing a potential maiden voyage for the Dwarf fleet this Friday as I am already booked up to go out to dinner. As it happens I still haven't read the rules away.

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