Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Uncharted Seas

I'd seen Uncharted Seas (or as I call it Neo-Man-O-War) being played a couple of times at Stourbridge and there seemed to be many fleets being constructed at the club so it's not overly surprising that when walking around Games Expo 2009 with some of these clubmembers I got convinced to wave some money about and pick up a fleet.

Being of a practical mindset, I went for the Iron Dwarves Starter Fleet as it looked easiest to paint and also, significantly, by far the cheapest. It only took an evening to clean everything up and paint it so this is probably the quickest wargames project I've ever put together.

Painted as simply as possible - everything is a one part casting and resin so just dipped in some washing up liquid water to degrease, cleaned with an old toothbrush under the cold tap, dried off, lightly primed with GW Skull White spray then painted up with flat colours of GW Mechrite Red (Foundation Paint) and Revell Ochre and a couple of bits of detail in GW Brazen Brass, Revell Aluminium and a sandy coloured acrylic that I think was Coat D'Armes and therefore probably the very old GW formula.

Nice bright colours so that the next coat of my prefered Miracle Dip - Wilkinsons Quick Drying Satin Interior Varnish (Dark Oak) (just like Army Painter but available in my local hardware/household store and much, much cheaper) didn't dull everything down too much. GW Brettonian waterslide transfer on the big boy (after the Miracle Dip so you take advantage of the glossy finish and don't risk the Dip obscuring the thing) and then a couple of coats of Revell Matt varnish (acrylic). I tried the Revell on this project as the WHSmiths branded varnish I used to use seems to be either no longer produced or just not available locally anymore. It seems to be exactly the same stuff anyway, brush on, a bit milky when wet, dries nice and matt very quickly indeed.

The runes on the ships were taken from a list of Anglo-Saxon runes and the rune on the battleship is PeorĂ° which the list describes as meaning "game". Seemed highly appropriate when I saw it on the list, even though I suspect game is being used here in the hunting sense - rabbit, pheasant, deer etc.

I haven't read the rules yet but I noticed that despite being called "Uncharted Seas" the book contains, well, a sea chart...

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