Sunday, 19 July 2009

Black Reach

Saturday saw me lug all the 40K stuff over to a friend's house in order to run an introductory game.

Battle of the Dining Table

As you can see, a fairly typical kind of game-at-home with a too small table and a lot of unpainted stuff. I supplied the Space Marines for S. to use, his son the not-only-really-a-nephew-nephew hung around and rolled the odd dice while T., the nephew's cousin commanded his own Orks.

The game went on for about 8 turns, more than usual but I think the dense terrain slowed things up. I GM'd as nobody present had played before. Marines won a convincing victory mainly because of T. assaulting Terminators with 20 Boyz (not one of his best ideas) and leaving his Nobz for several turns away from the main battle before assaulting with them when it was probably too late. Dice rolls were a bit marginal as well, with 2+ Saves on Terminators, S. rolled a lot of low 2s and 3s to scrape it and T. didn't manage armour penetration with his 'copters against the Marine Dreadnought despite several opportunities where he needed a 4+.

Assaulting seems deadly with the assaulting side getting to double it's A score - so that A2 troops end up rolling 4d6 each.

All seemed quite enthusiastic about it and we are planning another Saturday game in a fortnights time.

Crimson Fists advance through alien flora

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