Monday, 6 July 2009

Dear God No!

WFRP 3? Sounds good...,guid,24ed7843-8f78-48b7-a2cc-507afc907eab.aspx

Action Cards, Hybrid Boardgame/RPG? Sounds like 4e. Oh no...

The relevant section of that blog ends with a quote that not only gets right up my nose, but settles down and makes a home amidst the nasal hairs and particles of pollen

"...and there’s a clear desire to make it fit properly with the Warhammer World, where a lot of the previous edition’s books, with the best will in the world, just didn’t."

Bollocks. Pure and utter bollocks. WFRP had the WFRP World designed for Grim and Perilous adventure. Warhammer Fantasy Battle had the Warhammer Fantasy Battle World designed for mass battle. Blood Bowl had the Blood Bowl World designed for zany American Football stuff. They may share the names and the geography but they are different settings.

So WFRP3 will be another horrid little combat simulation boardgame and it will be set in a world designed and contrived for figure wargames en masse, not roleplaying.

What the fuck is happening to the RPG World? With this and 4e are we going to need another niche in the Old School Renaissance, for roleplaying as it used to be, but slightly after all that sandbox stuff and before it went all skirmish wargaming/CCG/MMRPG hybrid? Middle School Renaissance?


  1. WFRP + cards? Time to dig the old Warhammer Magic box out of storage then (and you remember how badly that version (4th?) of WFB worked...)

    Likewise, the new dice pool system felt odd at first...

    That is because dice pool game mechanics are the work of the Devil. They divorce the player from a immediate comprehension of probabilities as they relate to character actions in the game. Say "No!" to dice pools.

    WFRP 3E? WHQ with pretensions more like! No thanks. :p

  2. We never moved on from WHB 3rd edition (the orange hardcover one) and then even that got dropped after a few years as our wargaming tastes changed.

    I wouldn't be too upset if the game was called Warhammer Quest - but as the third version of WFRP... it sounds shocking and a real "me too" aimed at D&D 4e.

    I'm not particularly jaundiced against 4e as I've seen it played and it seemed a fun tactical boardgame but it's not an RPG and it's certainly not D&D. This thing that looks to be coming out having half-inched the WFRP name appears to be similar.