Monday, 13 July 2009

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Political Assassination On The Battlefield

Friday saw a small, fictional action of the Iran-Iraq war fought out at Stourbridge. The rules were Cold War Commander, the scale was 6mm, the toys were from the microarmour collection of James W (who acted as a Gamesmaster) and yours truly faced up against the might of Alex and an Iranian command.

Something really weird happened in the game due to the Warmaster-inspired command rules. I moved up a column of Iraqi T-72s (of about battalion strength) and spotted Iranian BRDMs on a woodline. So I declared my intention to open fire upon them and rolled the obligatory 2d6 for a command test, attempting a 8 or less. Double six. Command mishap.

Consulting the mishap table, I ended up with blue-on-blue fire on the armoured battalion's command. D6 hits. 6. Bugger. Not too bad though as dispersed targets like command take hits on 6. Oh no they don't. The mishap table specifically states 4+ for this mishap. 5 hits. Saves only on 6 on d6. Battalion command only has 4 hits. Buggerfucktwat.

So in the game world, T-72s advanced past the edge of a wood where their battalion commander was sited, received the order to engage enemy troop carriers, immediately ignored the enemy and opened fire upon their own Colonel who, to add insult to injury, was nowhere near the intended firing zone being located behind and to the left of his men and killed him first volley.

Then the C-in-C took direct control of the decapitated T-72 battalion and they obeyed his order to bombard the distant enemy with no problems. In fact Iraqi command held up well for the rest of the game (good dice) with plenty of double ones which grant a "free" command action.

We justified this as a pre-planned political murder of an politically undesirable commanding officer. No doubt Uday Hussein fed the rest of his family into the wood-chipper after hostilities ceased. Fun game, look forwards to playing modern microarmour with these rules again in the future.

MOAR DAKKA!!!1 (at last...)

Saturday should see the introduction of the not-really-a-nephew-nephew and his cousin to 40K at my friend's house. His cousin has the Black Reach set and is building an Ork army so I will provide the Marines which are about 95% painted. I might put the Great War stuff on hold for this week in order to try and finish off the three-and-a-half Terminators that I still have to do. I think we will be playing on a small dining room table so will take along the vac-formed GW "Moonscape" crater set along with some irregular off-cuts of green material for woods (comprised of lichen) for a cheap and easy to put together battlefield of an arboreal planet struck by orbital bombardment. If I can crowd the table with terrain it should help compensate for the small footprint.

Back To The Netherpit

A week next Friday we have The Netherpit session 2. Specially requested by von Mike no less. Once 40k Saturday is out of the way I'll have to come up with a couple more One Page Dungeons, certainly a Level 2 underneath the Catacombs of the Green Meteorite at the least.

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