Monday, 6 July 2009

Great War, Very Tiny

I did something this evening that took me back a few years - I wrote out a cheque, put it in an envelope with an filled in order form (hand-written) and walked down to the end of the street and posted it to Irregular Miniatures.

Remember doing that? Irregular don't seem to be in the 21st century yet, never mind the fag-end of the last one! Anyway I did something that I've been meaning to do for ages (and probably would have done ages ago had they had online basket ordering) and picked up two 2mm armies - WW1 British and German.

Hopefully then, once painted, I too can join alongside this chirpy Highlander and defend Bag End from the Hun. Honestly, while my native Black Country does have some nice rural enclaves, I'm not sure the foundry workers of West Bromwich looked at this poster and felt "Yes, that's the homeland I hold dear!".

On the subject of The Great War (I know I used the term WW1 above but I strongly dislike the phrase - the terms WW1 and WW2 sound like Hollywood sequels and this has always struck me as somewhat disrespectful) the Commonwealth War Graves Commission contacted my Mother last week asking if she would donate a DNA sample to help with identifying remains found in the recently-discovered mass graves from the Battle Of Fromelles.

We had no idea of a relative killed there but it looks like they have found her Great-Uncle, a man we knew nothing of, and traced her via parish records or similar.

Interestingly my parents have been busy over the last couple of years tracing the war record of my Mother's Grandfather so this has potentially added another name to research.

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