Saturday, 4 July 2009

Upcoming Games and Projects

1 - I have a game of Cold War Commander scheduled against James W. on Friday, depending upon what armies he brings along it will ever be Iran-Iraq war or Angolan war, both in 6mm.

Modern warfare was a period that I used to have zero interest in after a few ill-advised encounters with the monstrosities that were 1970s-era "ultramodern" rulesets but after being eased into Future War Commander I can see that I'd be happy playing a game with modern armour and technology using the same rules. I'm looking forwards to this.

2 - I finally bit the bullet and spent £35 on a Citadel Figure Case having given up on trying to fabricate a home-made solution to the problems of carting around individually based 28mm figures (to whit - the 40K Crimson Fists Space Fascists). One of the rare instances where the GW price is actually pretty much the going price everywhere else.

3 - There was a game of Pirates of the Spanish Main being played at Stourbridge last night when I got there, I'd forgotten what a good little game that was. I have several fishing tackle boxes full of the stuff and am tempted to get that out of storage and play it again. The game has been discontinued now but some of the Stourbridge lads are having success finding it in various remaindered bookstores and poundshops.

4 - I paid a flying visit to the other wargames club that meets locally. They are 90% a GW club so pretty much outside of my gaming sphere but I did get into a conversation with some chaps playing Blitzkrieg Commander. What interested me about their game was that instead of using micro-scale figures (6mm, 10mm etc.) based on element bases they were using regular 20mm figures all individually based. To represent a unit they simply clumped 5 figures together. This got me thinking about the practicalities of using my 40k stuff to play FWC and try and get a game together that looks a bit like 40K apocalypse but without the crappy 40k rules by doing roughly the same stuff - clumping 3 Space Marines together (probably on a 3" square base) and calling it a platoon. This might work well. Keeping this idea in the back of my mind for now.

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