Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Combat Patrol Board

Combat Patrol (aka 40k in 40 minutes) is designed for a 4'x4' board (approx 122cm x 122cm). Last time we played 40k on the dining table we felt that the 4' x 3' size of a typical UK dining table was too small and we noticed the omission of the extra 12".

So it took an hour or two on an afternoon off work to knock up a hinged 4'x'4 board.

The board is simply two pieces of 4'x2' chipboard from the DIY store, which just squeezed into the MX-5 with the roof down. I was going to hinge it properly with hinges but then the screws would protrude from the wood, so the screw tips would need grinding off, then filling with filler and I think the hinges would stand out like a sore thumb. I've seen a foldable slotcar track board made in this fashion and the hinges are a bit obvious.

So in the end I simply hinged the two sections with a wide strip of silver duct tape. We'll see if this holds up to abuse and wear-and-tear but if not it's a trivial job to replace it.

Painting was just a bunch of sample pots, a few greens and beiges blended together and then random overspray and drybrushing in primer grey, yellow and cream.

It sits nicely on the 4'x3' table and folds away for storage in S's garage (whose dining table is the battlefield for our 40k games). A thick tablecloth or bath towel underneath prevents any danger of the board scratching the tabletop.

Here's the little man unable to contain the chortle of delight at the slaughter his Space Marines are about to unleash upon the new board.

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