Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Recent Bulletpoints

Despite it being a while since I've blogged, I have been busy on the gaming/geekery front. Herein follow some bulletpoints

- S. has picked up enough block-painted Imperial Guard off the Bay to knock up a 400 point Combat Patrol army for our dining room table games of Warhammer 40,000. He has since been despatched to Wilkinsons in order to pick up a load of Dark Oak varnish to Miracle Dip them.

- With the intention of doing Combat Patrol I managed to get enough Chaos Space Marines (or "Naughty Marines" as the not-really-a-nephew-nephew calls them) off the Bay to do about three Combat Patrol armies. This cost me all of £12. The actual Codex cost more than the figures. More Miracle Dipping is ongoing deep within a hidden Space Hulk base skulking on the fringes of the Amblecotius star system.

- Game #2 of Assault on Black Reach was cancelled when Ork warlord T. got a late minute holiday booking and vanished off somewhere on hol.

- Meanwhile, the Administorum office on Amblecotius Tertius has taken delivery of a laminating machine (from Wilkinsons in Dudley , reduced to £8). Fantastic bloody thing, Have used it to churn out handouts a plenty, 40k playsheets and lots of Battletech Mech sheets complete with colour laser printed photos of the relevant Mechs tucked away secure inside the laminate plastic. Essential tool, should have bought one years ago.

- I picked up BoxNinja's 3:16 from Waylands on Saturday. Only £10 and self-complete. That's the sort of thing I like. Will I play it though? I'm not sure, as a pure shooter RPG I think it might just be an uninteresting hack session. Played closer to Catch-22 it might work but then again might come across as an unsubtle and whiny satire about militarism. I hate making calls about games before I've played them but I have a nagging suspicion that this might read better than it plays and that giving the players the book to read could get the message across better than actually playing it out would. I think you need a very active group of players to get this to work, otherwise I can envisage players just sitting there dumbly agreeing to shoot everything and wondering where the game is. I want to like this though, maybe that's half the battle.

- Netherpitting. We ran another OD&D White Box session a couple of Friday's ago, but it didn't seem (to the DM's eyes at least) to go as well as the storming first session we had. I used one of the One Page Dungeon entries that I'd only skim read and appear to have unhinged the campaign by handing out a game-breaking Wand of Paralyzation. Perhaps I couldn't take to the task of DM'ing a dungeon level that wasn't one of my own creation, maybe lacking the sense of involvement that comes from rolling your own. I didn't really enjoy the session.

- There's a new game shop/gaming centre opened in Worcester, dedicated to CCGs which doesn't on first glance seem to be a viable business model but cleverly is just a part of a corner shop which helps support the CCG business. So, having Monday off work as part of a long weekend, I clambered into the Frog Jr. and drove down to "Pears" territory (roof off, bloody cold, still got sunburnt) to have a look-see.

It's the people from, who I've eBayed from before, and they run a lot of tournaments and a full Friday Night Magic programme. I picked up some M2010 boosters and sleeves. I'd like to go to one of their FNM sessions but I don't know the practicality of attempting the trip in order to get there for 7 amidst Friday evening rush-hour traffic on a road that always seems to have some shockingly slow driving on it holding everybody up. There are trains but I'm not certain that the last one back to Stourbridge is quite late enough and also I got bitten the other Saturday when the trains from Brum suffered from points failure and I had to improvise a convoluted public transport trek back to Cradley Heath where Frog Jr. was parked. So I'm ambivalent about relying upon a last train with it's failure to show up leaving me stranded at night twenty-odd miles from home.

- Uncharted Seas is getting another outing at Waylands Forge on the 15th. This could be a massive game so with frequent cigarette breaks for a couple of the players I can see the game taking all afternoon and still not finishing in time.

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