Friday, 21 August 2009

Space Hulk Pre-ordered

Things conspired to make it happen today... I headed out to Birmingham to do some shopping but as soon as I left the house a cold rain shower sprang out of nowhere so I decided to go to the local indoor shopping mall instead. After all this would allow me to visit Halfords and book an appointment to have a car stereo fitted (as the existing CD player seems to struggle with any road surface that isn't mirror smooth and I'm desperate to regain the space in the tiny boot that is taken up by a gargantuan 10-CD changer).

As it happens Halfords could fit the stereo there and then so I had a hour to kill. And there's a Games Workshop around the corner. And so I ended up pre-ordering Space Hulk, spending nearly £60 on something I'll get in a couple of weeks.

Based purely on the photographs online I can honestly say that having grown up with Citadel Miniatures since the early 1980s these are the best figures I've ever seen the Workshop come out with.

Absolutely f'ing gorgeous. Puts the Black Reach Terminators to shame. I suppose that this the first time that GW/Citadel have released figures that are designed "in game world" - taking advantage of the limited scope of the game (inside a Hulk) to make sure each model is a tiny, one-man diorama.

Workshop - I love you once again.


  1. I... I don't like the new genestealer figures. The marines look really good, but the genies look weedy, and there's something so absurd about a monster rolling down the corridor dragging a bit of wall along with it.

  2. It's the "dragging a bit of wall along with it" that I like! I've always liked figures that were set in their environment (rather than having to be neutrally-scenic'd based like most wargames/RPG figures) so appreciate the way that GW have been able to let rip with these figures and add bits of ship and the opposing force to the figures. Personal preference I guess!

  3. Oh definitely. I like a good diorama as much as the next person, but these things ruin immersion for me. I know it's a fine conceptual line between "bit of scenery" and "mysterious black disc stuck to feet", and neither is particularly realistic, but there it is!

  4. Well I have 1st & 2nd edition, and lord help me I ordered 2 copies of 3rd. I think the new tiles are brilliant, but I second the new genestealers are weak. The sculpts are cool, but moving a floor bursting stealer around and around the board seems cheesy.

    I am already at work on a 9 mission story starting with imperial guard, then going to space marines, and finally terminators.