Sunday, 16 August 2009

Uncharted Seas Again

We played a five-way bash of this at Waylands Forge, on Saturday. I was the last man standing (well last Dwarf standing) after a "fight to the death" game with temporary alliances and all the usual grudge-matchery. Pics follow.

Wreck Island. I-Kore wrecked gallery standing in as a bit of terrain.

Wrecked gallery

Dickie's DC Heroes-themed Human fleet

Dickie's Flagship

Antony's Dwarves

Spire Island with Litko Wind Marker/Template

Matt's Shroud Mages (Chaos Dwarfs)

Scott's Orcs

Dickie's Frigates.

Matt and Dickie look seriously unimpressed with something here and by the angle of their heads I suspect it must be something Scott said. :)

My Dwarf frigates engage Scott's Orc frigates

Orcs spotted on the other side of the island

Orc flagship

Human cruisers

Dickie's flagship turns around to attack enemy beyond Spire Island.

I'm not certain what enemy that was as it was on the other side of the table beyond my sphere of immediate concern. I suspect he was attacking Matt.

Scott attacks my Dwarf Cruiser ironclad which has lost a crew counter, two damage markers and all port batteries.

More of Dickie's DC Universe ships

Matt's flagship

Scott's losses being washed ashore upon Dead Pile Island.

I was closing in for the kill here on Scott's flagship but then the emergence of Antony from beyond Wreck Island changed everything as we then set up a quick non-aggression pact and set off after the Johnny-Come-Lately. Antony's fleet went from pristine to sunk in about two turns since everyone else had the same idea. We laughed. Well, four of us did anyway.

Obviously I wouldn't be a photo-record of a game without at least one of my crap dice rolls. And here it is...

Happily, Antony managed to eclipse this on his way down to the bottom of the briny sea...

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