Friday, 18 September 2009

AT-43 Reversible Gaming Tiles

Latest arrival at Coop Towers is a set of Reversible Gaming Tiles for AT-43. I saw a set of these in use at Waylands Forge and decided that they were exactly what we needed for 40K Combat Patrol. Rackham stock levels in the UK are a bit hit-and-miss (essentially you get stuff when it arrives in a bulk import and then the shelves are bare until the next lot arrives) so I wasn't able to get any until this week when I got the nod from Antony that The 13th Floor had some in stock.

I collected them from the sorting office this morning. They are nice things and a great way of covering the table while remaining portable, but..

...there's a but.

You get 15. Which are each 30cm x 30cm. And our board is 4'x4'. Work the maths out yourself...

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