Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Iacobus and Mugabe - Better Pics

The older pics were crap weren't they? Here's some decent ones, taken properly with manual setting on the camera not just with the automatic point and shoot mode.

These show the painting style up much better I feel. Everything is flat colour with no shading and no highlighting. The closest thing to highlighting is a bit of green damp-brushing on Mugabe's chainsword bayonet to suggest at being alien blood. Then a single coat of Wilkinson's Quick Drying Indoor Varnish - Satin Dark Oak to shade and topcoat everything leaving behind a sheen that I quite like for power armour. Speed painting at it's finest - not the greatest results in the world but very, very fast and easy to do.

I usually white primer my models that are going to be painted with this technique because the dark varnish darkens everything down so you need to paint with a brighter palette than you intend to end up with. Iacobus was given a grey primer basecoat because of his grey armour but I'm not certain it affected the final colours too much.


  1. Agreed. As I said on the other post, these look miles better than my "properly" painted figures.