Tuesday, 1 September 2009


Through circumstances far too convoluted to relate and not overly interesting anyway, I ended up accompanying some friends to Parabellum in Birmingham's Jewellery Quarter on Saturday.

What a discovery! A fantastic model shop close to the city centre, and a proper old-fashioned model shop at that. The sort of place where you have to draw your shoulders in to avoid dislodging stock which is piled up from carpet to ceiling. I didn't think places like this existed any more. I found a 1:32 scale Jap car kit that will end up as a Scalextric kitbash at some point in the future and was so impressed with the breadth of what soldiers you can get in plastic 20mm these days that I picked up a box of Caesar Miniatures "WW2 Chinese" (actually Sino-Japanese War) which I knew Dave O had been after for ages.

So the shop scores heavily for massive range of stock, pokey-ness and the fact that searching around you could find potentially anything in the dust somewhere. A great shopping and browsing experience, far removed from the sterile environment of, say, Modelzone at Merry Hill.

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