Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Seventy-Five Bloody Pounds?

(Back when it was all proper in the days of White Dwarf 92...)

I've just had the weekly mailshot from my FLGS. This new not-WFRP, the bastard child of 4e, CCG and the WFRP name will cost £75. Shame that, looks like I'll have to forego a copy in favour of my other, cheaper, hobbies such as off-shore powerboating, collecting vintage Bugattis and snorting coke off the buttocks of expensive prostitutes.

I assume at that price that I will never see it played and it will do precisely nothing to dislodge the installation base of 1st and 2nd editions. In other words, no effect upon me whatsoever.


  1. At that price, it's going to be the hardcore WFRP completists who'll get it... only they won't like how it's not their WFRP any more. I certainly don't see the casual gamer picking it up, although I suppose GW wargamers might get it.

    The only person I know of who's getting it buys pretty much everything, so he's not a useful example!

  2. How does that compare in adjusted values to the ~£40 we paid for Space Hulk and/or Heroquest back in 89-90?

    http://www.thisismoney.co.uk/historic-inflation-calculator reckons it's about par: £40 at 1989 prices equates to about £78.80 in today's money.

    Truly did old fartery and complaining about the cost of living sneak up upon us all. ;)

    That said, I still wouldn't touch WFRPINO with a bargepole.