Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Space Hulk Has Arrived!

And it's heavy. Very heavy. And I haven't opened it yet... thinking of doing a grand opening of the shrink wrap at the club on Friday as I know there will be a lot of interest in the beast.

GW Merry Hill not only had a large pre-order list, they had a reserve list for people waiting for a pre-ordering customer to change their mind - apparently their "shelf" stock has been taken back to Lenton in order to fulfil all the pre-orders. I strongly suspect that you won't be able to get one off the shelf in any area of the UK with a high population density come Saturday (official release date).


  1. Please do a review; I'd be interested in seeing if any of the rules have changed significantly since the second edition.

  2. Unfortunately this is the first version I've owned! So I don't know much about the older rulebooks. I do know that this version has the time limit on Space Marine movement that was in the original but missing in the second edition but that's just something I picked up from White Dwarf this month.

  3. Well, in that case, I'd be interested in hearing how it plays in a more general sense!

    Given your enthusiasm for the new edition, I'd assumed it was nostalgia, but you're actually completely new to the game?

  4. Not new as such - I was around for the original (and quite a bit before that) but never had the money back then to buy everything I wanted.

    So you're right, it is nostalgia in part, treating myself to something I couldn't afford back then in another part and also the fact that the whole package just seems so... lovely. LOL.

    Was hoping to try the game out on Sunday afternoon but realised I was double-booked so it will have to wait a week or two I guess.