Saturday, 5 September 2009

Two Dark Millenium Characters

Meet Inquisitor Mugabe...

Mugabe is an old and OOP Warzone figure. He's been painted to represent an Inquisitor in a game of 28mm Inquisitor that Scott is running on Friday. I think he'll be an NPC but in a narrative campaign where each player has an Inquisitor/Rogue Trader etc. with henchmen he would be me.

And Brother-Lieutenant Iacobus of the Spacewolves Chapter...

A plastic Grenadier Space Ranger painted up for the not-really-a-nephew nephew. I worked out a 400 point Combat Patrol army for him based upon a bunch of cheap Spacewolves that his Dad got for him via eBay, the army was short of a leader model so I've done this for him.

Both models were speed-painted in flat colours and dipped in Wilkinsons-brand tinted varnish for a superfast and tabletop-acceptable finish.


  1. Do you know of an alternative to that varnish? There's no Wilko near me, but I need to dip my (horribly painted) Dark Elf Blood Bowl team.

    I'm astounded at how poorly I paint; these look miles better than mine and you barely spent any time on them!

  2. If you can't find a Wilkinson's (it's Quick Drying Indoor Varnish Dark Oak Satin), then GW's Devlan Mud is also useful for the same purpose but doesn't varnish. The Wilkinson's varnish comes out pretty much the same colour as the Army Painter Dark Shade (available mail order at lots of places) but a lot cheaper and dries a lot faster too.