Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Formula Chav

Years of pedantically insisting that the name of this game was pronounced Formula Day (it has an acute accent - and is French for dice) have been blown out the water by the new version which has just decided to accept what all Anglophone gamers (except me) have been saying for years. So Formula Dee it is then. Actually I just took one look at the Need For Speed/Fast and Furious street racing nonsense on the back of the board and have renamed it Formula Chav.

In the pits at a Formula Chav event, yesterday.

You can download both the Basic and Advanced game from here. The Basic game looks nice, it's essentially a revised version of Formula Dé Mini (which uses a single pool of "wear" points rather than splitting it into tyres, gearbox, engine etc.) and it answers a question I've had for years - how many Wear Points to give for Mini races on full-size boards. It looks like the answer is 18 (Mini uses 20 for a 3 lap race) so I should be able to acquire some of the full size Dé/D tracks and race on those using Mini rules.

I'm loathe to purchase the full game because the Formula Chav side of things is just not attractive to me, quite the opposite in fact, but with the new rules available for free, I've got a renewed interest in Mini. I always wanted to love Mini but the dull boards (two tracks, both very similar and with only 1 stop corners) put me off.

Spotted on eBay this week - a big bag of Chinese knock-offs of Marklin Z-Gauge model railway cars. The bag (currently en route from Hong Kong) has a bunch of Porsche 996s in 1:220 scale which should paint up nicely and I believe will be a perfect size match for the Formula Dé cars. Carrera Cup/Supercup here we come!


  1. Those chinese cars look perfect! Got a link to the ebay auction?

  2. Not really, the post is from two and a half years ago! Unfortunately the eBay lot were a random mix and ended up being luxury cars and minivans with not a single Porsche amongst them.