Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Space Hulk Post-Game Thoughts

Space Hulk seemed to be a great game session despite doing lots of things wrong.

Firstly I misread the rulebook and Marines on Overwatch not only got given infinite range when shooting (it should be 12 squares on Overwatch, infinite when shooting normally) but we also made them fire first at any Genestealer action within sight - it should have been after that action. This rather biased things towards the Marines but this might have been offset by another rules SNAFU whereby the Genestealer "blips" were allowed to enter Marine L-O-S and continue moving. Done properly they shouldn't be allowed to enter L-O-S when still a blip and flipping blip (to convert to models) ends those Genestealers' move.

Further unbalancing towards the Marines was down to not using the egg-timer (gives a roughly three minute time limit for all Marine actions) to reflect the fact that we were looking up the rules during play but this turned out to be accidentally the only thing we could do - when we started using the timer just to see how long our untimed moves were taking it transpired that the egg-timer is faulty and keeps clogging up! Situation was resolved on Sunday with a small electronic kitchen timer from Poundland.

Marines won both games but I'm sure that with a timer ticking away the pressure will mount and the Genestealers will stand more of a chance.

Our only real concern is that the map for Scenario #1 just about fitted on a 4'x 3' dining table and some of the later maps look as though they won't fit on our 4'x4' combat patrol board.

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