Saturday, 3 October 2009

Staffordshire Hoard/Space Hulk

Took the not-really-a-nephew-nephew to Birmingham on the train today to spend his pocket money at GW and Waylands Forge. He picked up a set of Chessex dice and a pair of MechWarrior single 'Mechs (this is a six year old that loves giant robots) and a box of plastic Space Marine Command and the current issue of White Dwarf from GW. I saw a T-Shirt that I absolutely had to have because it had the original Warhammer box illo on it. I had the following conversation with Stu;

Stu - "It's XL."
Me - "I always have XL for the length."
Stu (looks at shelf) - "They're all XL."
Me - "Well of course they're all XL. This is Games Workshop, they won't sell any shirts that aren't."

Happily, and after many years of grumbling, somebody has bought out card condoms to fit the tiny little cards in Wings of War. That somebody is Fantasy Flight Games so I picked up two packs (50 per pack) from Waylands and sleeved all the cards. Unfortunately they no longer fit in the vacuum-formed tray in the box. But this does mean I feel happy playing the game now, I've had it a few years and as an anal type who puts all his cards in sleeves I'd only got around to playing it once due to paranoia about damage to the cards.

We went to Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery to see the Staffordshire Hoard (Flickr photostream here - a must see) which is only on display for three weeks before it's future is decided (translation - fucks off to London and never returns to the provinces again). Queued for two hours but I'd say it was worth it. You really need to get close to the things and see them in the flesh to appreciate the exquisite artwork. It's staggering to think of people working without the benefit of modern magnification methods, dremels and even artificial light. The delicate and fine nature of the pieces defies belief when you think that people made these around 700AD under natural light.

Tom and Stu ran through the first scenario in Space Hulk this afternoon when we came back from Brum, did the usual SH thing of playing the same scenario twice swopping sides. As the only one who had read the rules I started sort of GM-ing it but the rules got picked up very quickly. A great game, it seems that the Marines can chew through hordes of Genestealers but have to quickly rethink their plans as soon as they lose someone. More on SH later.

Another game of SH is planned for next Saturday afternoon with an old gaming mate (he hasn't played anything for years and we are trying to tempt him back into the fold) and a newer friend who I didn't know was into GW stuff in his younger days.

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  1. Interesting. I recall the original Space Hulk playing quite differently to that, being quite desperate right from the get-go. One of the guys in our group has it, so I hope to give it a go soon.