Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Throwing the 4E Players Handbook away

At a wargaming club with a large RPG group I literally could not give away my copy of the 4E Players handbook. I did try. None of the RPG group even knew of someone who was playing 4E and would find a good home for it. So I've decided to put in with the next lot of books I donate to the Charity shop and bookcross it for good measure - see where it turns up.

Last time I donated books to the charity shop I gave my copy of Dawkins' "The God Delusion" to Christian Aid. Tee Hee.


  1. I'd love to trade mine away. I'd be happy to trade it for a taco or even a grilled cheese sandwich.

    Mmmm...grilled cheese....

  2. @Christian: Certainly you could get more than that. Maybe an extra Large Soda to wash it down with. ;) Seriously though, I got the feeling you were a proponent of 4E. Or maybe i was half asleep when reading your posts. Correct me if I'm wrong.