Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Zoggin' Zog Zog Zog!!

The Wayland's Forge mailshot turned up yesterday and while idly scanning through it to see what else I can't afford something leapt out and hit me LIKE THE FIST OF AN ANGRY GOD thusly...

Chaos Marauders
FFGSL04 £19.99
Warhammer Boardgame. A vast Chaos army is marching north, when suddenly the sprawling mass of bored and surly Orcs grinds to a halt because of yet another petty feud. In Chaos Marauders, each player takes control of one of the Orc clans involved, ready to show all the other mangy little creeps who's boss of dis 'ere scabby battle mob. You'll stop at nothing to win. No amount of trickery will be low enough, no amount of thuggish brutality too vile. Who knows, you may even get the mysterious Chaos Marauders on your side. Only one tribe can come out on top - will it be yours? Chaos Marauders is a fast and frenzied game of Orcish mayhem for 2 to 4 players.


I mean to say !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111

Jesus Christ on a tricycle, Space Hulk 2009 then Chaos Marauders 2009!

So I went off to BGG and it's true...

Chaos Fucking Marauders. I never owned a copy, but loved this with a passion. And now Fantasy Flight are re-releasing it and, just to keep in with the whole nostalgia trip, while it's been redrawn it is nothing more than modern copies of the original John Blanche illos. Spirit Games had an original copy of this for sale at Expo '09 just after I ran out of cash and discovered that, unlike last year, there was no temporary cashpoint at the show.

Now, I can almost forgive them for the abberation that is/will be WFRP 3. And for ruining my early retirement plan by slashing the value of my carefully hoarded copy of Fury of Dracula (with limited edition metal figures) by re-releasing it. Re-release Dungeonquest/Drak Borgen and we'll call it quits OK?

I haven't been this excited since Space Hulk about six weeks ago. Fuck me. I can see a frantic dash up Birmingham on Saturday morning to get hold of this in my sweaty mitts as soon as is humanly possible.

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