Friday, 13 November 2009

Last of the PROTEUS Charsheets

The final three character sheets from PROTEUS, all ready for use as decorative borders to whichever charsheets you are using in whichever game you are playing. I haven't done every issue from PROTEUS as some are repeated, the sheet in #1 was as dull as ditchwater and the later ones have very small boxes for stats and are therefore not very useful for mashup purposes.

From #10 - Triad of Evil.

From #11 - Challenge of the Promethean Guild. Mr. Harrod clearly making a pitch for the GW gig here with his Warhammer-inspired Chaos Warrior.

And finally #12 - The Weaver of Nightmares

Sadly, GIMP doesn't seem to do "free" rotation, only allowing you to rotate to intervals of 90 degrees, otherwise I'd be putting the FF sheet straight in the middle of the last two. I'll have to find some other tool with which to do this.

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