Thursday, 12 November 2009

More PROTEUS Charsheets

Four more of Gary Harrod's stunning "Quest Sheets" from PROTEUS magazine, all ready for importing into your favourite art package (being a hippy freeloader I like the free and open source GIMP which comes preinstalled in Ubuntu but is available for Windows as well) and ramming your favourite character sheet layout into the middle.

This one is from #3 - Shindberg's Tomb. I have no idea what Geo-Secular Powers are but they sound important. Anyway here's a version of this with the good old Jackson/Livingstone Adventure Sheet in the middle which I will print off and laminate and have a re-usable sheet for most FF books and/or FF RPG games if I ever run that again (as is tempting). I dropped the right-hand page which was just a scratchpad for monster statistics - not very relevant for an RPG sesh.

From #5 - Caverns of the Enchantress...

...and #6 - Treasues of the Cursed Pyramid. I have no idea why a sandworm from Dune is firing lasers from it's eyes at an Otyugh with what appears to be an inflamed glans but perhaps this would suit PCs adventuring in Supplement V : Carcosa.

Finally for now from #9 - Lord of Chaos. A cracking Gigeresque piece for sci-fi gaming.

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