Saturday, 9 January 2010

40k Combat Patrol

I took the Crimson Fists Space Fascists to an club-night of Combat Patrol at the Stourbridge club last night. Here are the requisite 400 points, resplendent in their shiny gloss varnish with force leader Brother-Chaplain Arkadius to the fore...

(Eagle-eyed viewers will spot "Powered-Armoured Libby" from Hasslefree Miniatures pretending to be a Space Marine Sergeant...)

Combat Patrol is a low-powered format of the game banning with anything with more than 2 Wounds, a 2+ armour save, ordnance, special "named" characters and any vehicle with Front, Side and Rear armour exceeding 33 in total. To my mind, it's closer to the spirit of the game as it was played in the Rogue Trader days with small numbers of troops and not much in the way of superheavymegadeath tanks or demigod characters. It's to be found on page 182 of the 4th edition rulebook, but is missing from 5th edition - you may formulate your own opinion as to why this is and I suspect it will coincide very closely with my own...

My force was 15 marines with a Chaplain although I suspect that having exposed them to a baptism of fire against James' Eldar the 100 point Chaplain isn't point values well spent, and simply taking 20 marines would have been better.

So that's another game to be added to the Canonical List of Coop's Played (and Ran) Games of 2010. Some pics follow - not all are Combat Patrol as there were another couple of games being played (hence the Nurgle Terminators which are not legal for Combat Patrol) and some stuff like the captured Tau hovertank were just in carry boxes.

Phil's excellent Tau Hammerhead "Looted Battlewagon"


  1. Are those Epic Leman Russes in that Imperial Guard picture? What are they masquerading as?

    I tried to get back into 40K a couple of years ago after a good number of years away, but the cost of it put me off. I might give the Combat Patrol variant a go.

  2. I hadn't seen them before so I asked if they were the 40K equivalent of the WW2 German Goliath radio-control demolition charge - and it turns out they were. They look remarkably like the real thing as well as both resembled the Great War British tanks they GW seem to love so much. They are a bit bigger than the old Epic tanks. Might be Forge World castings.

    Combat Patrol is cheap(ish) and I like it because I like the rank-and-file miniatures that GW do but don't like their supermen and tanks so much.

  3. Ah, I see. I don't know those units, but then I don't know much about the IG.

  4. I was the one fielding those. They are Cyclops Demolition Vehicles, from Forgeworld.
    Not very effective but everyone was terrified of them.

  5. that devlin mud is worth every penny.