Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Counting Games

For little reason other than idle curiosity I've decided for 2010 to try and keep a count of all games I play during the year. No doubt I'll be surprised by the most played as it will be turn out to be something completely unexpected. I'm also going to keep a track of games I run or GM just to see how altrusic I am in 2010. First problem is whether to count multiple sessions of the same game where the game is a short one and often played several times in one sitting (e.g. Stourbridge favourite Risk Express). After much agonising I've decided to count one session as one game. Otherwise I'd have 4 plays of PitchCar leading the Coop Games Chart of 2010.

So far then the played list is
Wallace & Grommit's Fleeced!

And the ran list is
Risk : Star Wars - The Clone Wars Edition

All were played on a night of boardgaming at the Stourbridge club.

Scott set up a few big PitchCar circuits for some racing, the highlight of yours truly's fingernail racing career was the one race I didn't finish last... I love the idea of this but it's a game that rewards practise and I keep erring on the side of being too cautious and so failing to get up the ramps or ending up on the approach to a corner where the more experienced players were flicking hard enough to catch the barrier and ride through the corner onto the following straight.

Fleeced is a kid's game but was recommended to me as being suitable for adult strategy, but I found the novelty of having to blow whistles all the time a bit tiresome and the strategy seemed to be all luck as well as lending itself to spoiling play a little bit too easily. Kids would probably love it though and not realise how easy it is to mess up another player's game by camping on his entry/exit point (through which he needs to carry his stolen sheep). Lost interest in this before the end.

R:SW-TCWE (known locally as Risk Shit Prequel Edition) is a great game but only for four players (we had five) so I ran it to teach the three who hadn't played before. You can check the summaries and reviews on BGG to see how the game is set up to be asynchronous with the Republic strong on card draw "early doors" with the Separatists being able to pull off Order 66 to force every Republic star system to roll to see if it swops sides - with the trick being that the longer they hold out against Republic superiority the better that side-swopping chance will be. Order 66 was called, several systems changed sides and Emperor Palpatine was placed on the board for the end game giving the Republic players a shit-or-bust chance to invade his base and win the war. Which Tom did with the last die roll of the game to make it a Republic victory. A good game that I enjoyed even just running it and teaching the rules.

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