Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Grey Dragon

Dragon, Grey
(statted for Swords and Wizardy White Box)
Armour Class: 2 [17]
Hit Dice: 6-8
Attacks: Bite (1-6)
Special: Breathes void
Move: 12 (24 when flying)
HDE/XP: 8/800, 9/1100, 10/1400

Grey dragons, sometimes known as Void Dragons after their breath weapon are believed to be a rare magical cross-breed of the White and Black dragon species although this may just be pure conjecture. Their breath weapon is conical, 70' long and with a base of 30'. Within this cone, all gas is magically removed, the temperature is close to absolute zero, and the pressure drops to near zero. The remains of any beings killed by the Grey Dragon breath weapon are removed from the surface of the planet and appear out in the frozen depths of interstellar space.

A successful saving throw will indicate half damage as the adventurer successfully evades towards the edge of the cone. Immunity to cold will halve the effects of Grey Dragon breath, quartering on a successful saving throw.

At DM's discretion any pressurised container caught within the breath weapon will break and/or explode and all non-magical flames will be extinguished.

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