Sunday, 17 January 2010

Mantic Elves

I bought some of the new 28mm Elves from Mantic yesterday and they paint up very, very quickly indeed. Here are the first four signed up to Prince Revlon's Pink Regiment...

Just basecoated silver with pink shields, some details painted on then a single coat of my favourite tinted varnish. I may return to the shields with some waterslide decals once I can find 20+ of the same design that suits - the box I bought is a complete 20-strong regiment.

Size-wise they are closer to GW's Lord of the Rings figures than their Warhammer ones, but the figures are cast with circular disc bases about 2mm thick which pushes into a circular recess on the square base so that they can be rotated to face any direction. If I'd thought about it before painting the first two I might have gone for gluing the figure straight onto a Games Workshop 20mmx20mm base - then the added height given by the double-base would probably bring them into line with all the other 28mm figure lines.

It's an academic point though as these are painted purely for fun as nobody locally plays Warhammer.

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