Sunday, 17 January 2010

My Bastard Child That Refused To Die

This was me in a previous life...

The surviving ruleset is here but it's essentially the v1.0 and hideously out of date.

Written in an idle five minutes to provide an excuse to go back to the "Dark Future" days and convert Matchbox cars into ramshackle, post-apocalypse "guns and armour plates" cars. A completely throwaway concept and game yet the thing had such legs that it ended up being played all over the World. The Stourbridge club ran it at shows all over the Midlands for a couple of years and it became popular to the point where people turned up to play armed with their own cars that they'd converted up themselves.

Even to this day I notice that forum and blog posts refering to converted Matchbox/Hot Wheels cars still refer to them as "Axles and Alloys" - a name dreamt up by fellow Stourbridge member Dave O. as a gag which immediately stuck. I can't even remember what it was called before that. Maybe something as functional as "Owen's Car Game". Certainly this stupid little game has had the biggest impact of anything I'd ever done gaming-wise and appears to be my gift to gaming geekdom.

A&A was the most high-profile victim of a complete gaming burnout that I suffered from in the early to mid noughties whereby I didn't touch a die, rulebook or paintbrush for about 18 months (and considered selling every gaming item I owned) and during this period I let my website hosting elapse so the only things that really survived were downloaded copies of the rules and other peoples websites and photographs.

In the past 18 months I've painted more figures than I've ever managed before but having painted up two Space Marine armies, in Epic scale for Future War Commander and the other in 40K for, well, 40k actually I'm starting to feel that the Space Marine painting has run it's course and there is nothing left in the tank as regards enthusiasm for it. As I said to Scott H. yesterday at the FLGS, I'm sick of the site of Citadel Enchanted Blue.

So, maybe the time is right to return to the A&A project and perhaps look at a proper v2 release. Maybe.

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