Thursday, 14 January 2010

Three Double-Edged Artefacts


The Armour of Martyrdom is a set of full plate, apparently of divine origin and with a lore that states that many great martyrs of a Lawful (LN if using AD&D alignments) religion achieved great things and met heroic ends whilst wearing it.

The Armour is +2 plate, but counts as -2 against missiles. Any missile fired at a member of group containing somebody wearing the Armour of Martyrdom has a 50% chance of seeking out the wearer instead.

After each martyrdom the armour has vanished from the sight of man despite attempts to keep it safe. It then reappears, apparently repaired by divine hands, awaiting it's next recipient.


The Sword of Masochist is a +2 sword with a edge that never dulls and, in even the blackest of dark conditions, always seem to find some light to glint off it's blade. It's handle is trimmed with wraps of soft black leather with tiny sharpened spikes protruding. While a thick glove or gauntlet will allow the wielder to swing the blade without being stabbed by the spikes, each time a successful blow is landed the wielder will always take 2 hp of damage as he feels pain in the palm of his sword-hand.


The Spear of Stigmata resembles an ordinary spear, albeit with an intricately carved shaft bearing interlocking and overlapping designs of cruciform shape. The spear counts as a +2 but each day the wielder has the Spear in his possession there is a 1-in-6 chance of discovering, upon waking, that bleeding wounds have appeared in both palms and ankles that resist healing. The wounds themselves cause 2 hp damage and carry a penalty of -2 DEX for the day along with any other penalty that the DM feels fit.

Reroll on the next morning to see if the wounds continue or vanish. The wielder must roll each and every day to see if the Stigmata appears until such time as it is obvious that he or she no longer owns the spear for example it has been lost or passed onto another.

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