Thursday, 7 January 2010

Today's Weirdness...

...which is completely non-game related.

Firstly, in the -5C or however bloody cold it is the car door lock managed to freeze in the couple of seconds between opening, sliding into the driver seat and trying to shut the door. How does that happen? So I was stuck at work about an hour-and-a-half after my official "tools down" time with a car with a door that won't shut. I had to drive home with the window all the way down with right forearm casually on it as if it was a glorious summer's day and not a case of "Honest Officer, I'm not trying to hold the door shut with my arm".

While I was dumbstruck at a door that wouldn't shut and wondering what to do, the mobile rang. I don't know why but I answered it despite not recognising the number (I generally ignore unknown or withheld numbers). And it was a wrong number but for some unearthly reason every single time I get a wrong number on the mobile it is always Indian or Pakistani or similar women. And they won't accept that they've got a wrong number and keep phoning back. One woman periodically rang me for a period of about 12 months, despite me ignoring her calls and texts until one evening when she texted me (believing that she was texting who she intended to despite all evidence to the contrary) asking me to urgently pick up one Asif from Derby train station and I decided I'd better save somebody the hassle of being stranded overnight in Derby and rang back and told her I wasn't joking she really was ringing the wrong number.

And how do you get a wrong number on a mobile? Luddites aren't seriously tapping the number in each time like it's an old memory-less handset are they? Anyway after two calls of non-English communication I ignored it and it rang on and off all the way home. It was a weird number with a 00962 code which doesn't look like the usual 07-whatever of UK mobile providers. I curiously typed that into Google this evening and it is from the Kingdom of Jordan of all places. So I'm baffled by a car door that refuses to shut because the door striker has frozen solid and while this is going on somebody keeps insisting upon accidentally ringing my mobile phone from fucking Jordan. Dear God, WTF is going on?

Third thing is just surreal. The big, old dead telly is being collected by the council's white good recycling service tomorrow so I have to leave it out for them (won't fit in the MX-5 which to be fair would struggle to take an old portable to the tip). So now there is a huge CRT television sitting at the bottom of my empty drive (car won't get up it in the snow) in the snow and everybody who goes past is starting at it like they've never seen a old CRT television left at the bottom of an empty drive in the snow.

I hope to God this is the total of my weirdness quotient for the week.

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