Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Front Burner/Back Burner

On the Front Burner

- Deep within the underground workshops of the Crimson Fists Chapter upon Rynns World more powered armour suits are being painted by lobotomised Servitors and Chapter paintslaves. I have two sessions of Combat Patrol coming up in the next fortnight and want to amend the army I used last time. A couple of real veterans from 1987 are about to take the field once more thanks to the Sacred Annoiting Bath of Dettol that washed all their sins away - truly The Emperor blesses cleanliness and personal hygiene.

- The prison workshops of New Tipton Penitentary are churning out 1:64 cars for Axles and Alloys II. Weaponry has arrived from Stan Johansen Miniatures in the US and the prison governor has authorised it's release. Bless you Ma'am! Prisoners are aiming for a rare day out at the West Midlands Military Modelling Show in Wolverhampton on March 21st where the game will be run as a participation game by myself and Dave-O.

- Up in the Governor's plush office attempts are being made to proof-read the A&A II rulebook but it's hard, hard going. Too much seeing what I know is there, rather than what really is there...

- Under Hypogeum, the Gods of Chance are busy interior decorating. A huge table of random dungeon dressing and imagination prodding, currently up to about 180 entries, aiming for an optimistic 1000 entries so that no part of the OD&D dungeon remains without something of interest or bafflement. The aim is to require me to do less prep, so that the obligatory "one third empty" rooms can just be marked with a random number describing their random contents or even just winged on the fly.

- Star Ocean on the XBox 360. I've no idea why I bought this as I know that at some point I won't be able to dive into it for a week or so and then it will slowly fade away from view and remain unfinished.

On The Back Burner

- I played a game of Red & White on Friday at Stourbridge, Jacksonville Gamers' home brew Russian Civil War rules in 20mm. As it happens I have about 100 plastic Russian infantry in this scale, both Great War Eastern Front and RCW so while I know Dave-O is going to nag me about it, I have no idea when any of this will get painted.

- West End Star Wars 2nd Edition. It looks a nice set of rules and I love Space Opera these days but no idea when it will get played - I want to run Swords and Wizardry White Box and I can't see there being space for two RPGs in my gaming life at the moment.

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