Monday, 8 February 2010

Lightspeed Painting

I may have mentioned before that after painting a complete army of Crimson Fists Space Fascists in 6mm for Future War Commander and then going on to paint another complete army of Crimson Fists Space Fascists in 28mm for Warhammer 40K Combat Patrol I'm now completely sick of the sight of Citadel Enchanted Blue. I hate the colour with a passion, everything from it's sheen, to it's garish hue when dry even down to way it flows out of the pot. Please just take it away out of my sight.

So, I decided that, even if it was just the one squad, next time I painted some more 40K Marines it would be an allied squad from another chapter.

I knew silver works well with the Miracle Dip method that I use so I thought about doing the old Silver Skulls chapter from Rogue Trader circa 1987. There are plenty of small skull decals in my waterslide collection so chapter iconography wouldn't be a problem.

Back in the days when all Marines were Angry Marines...

For experimental purposes I have a bunch of the old Grenadier Space Rangers figures, both an original box where the figures are cast in a repulsive purple plastic with hexagonal bases and the newer re-releases by EM4Miniatures in silver plastic with more conventional round bases. I had a go over this weekend at painting one up as an experiment.

I started slapping Citadel Mithril Silver on the model but quickly noticed that the paint and the EM4Miniatures plastic are identically coloured - to the point where I couldn't tell where I had applied any of the paint. A lightbulb went off above my head.

So I tried out just painting the visor (red) and the old school helmet stripe (black), along with a red panel on the bolt gun and it's laser sight. Quickly threw a wash of the Miracle Dip over it and it looked fantastic. Added a small skull waterslide from the box of waterslides I have, dotted white on the visor, red panel and laser sight and slapped over another quick coat of Citadel 'ardcoat Gloss Varnish. Fantastic finish.

Decided to knock the rest of the EM4Miniatures re-releases up and each stage of producing a Devastator squad took about 2 or 3 minutes. There is a bit more painting on the Sgt. and two heavy weapons Brothers but the regular "bolt gun" Brothers are literally a flash of red and a stripe of black on bare plastic. I put a waterslide and couple of tiny white highlights after the Miracle Dip stage in order to prevent them being muted by the wash.

I think the groundworking, simple though it is, took longer to do than the model it frames.

The absolute fastest wargames unit I've ever painted (well, that I'd be prepared to show in public that is) and a quick and easy 182 points towards a 400 point Combat Patrol. Seven Marines, Sergeant with Pistol and Close Combat Weapon upgrade, Plasma Cannon, Lascannon.

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