Saturday, 27 February 2010

Pirates of the Uncharted Seas

Stop tutting it was this or some old bugger with scrofula and none of his own teeth.

DaveO, von Mike, Big Al and I tried out our unholy Pirates of the Spanish Main/Uncharted Seas mash-up last night. Describing it as some form of hybrid, fusion mash-up is perhaps a bit rich, we actually just played Uncharted Seas with PotsM ships since I'm the only one with Uncharted Seas models and one fleet doesn't go far between four players.

I simply acquired two card decks for the Imperial Humans fleets and we set to it, reproducing four "starter" Imperial Human fleets of one Battleship, three Cruisers and six Frigates apiece.

von Mike and I lost seven or eight ships to magazine explosions - and to add insult to injury none of the magazines were ours. Uncharted Seas has a truly spiteful entry on the Critical Hit table being the infamous magazine explosion which destroys the ship and then rolls Hull Points x 2 shots at everything with 8" - effectively a point blank broadside on every target. The critical comes up on a double one so shouldn't happen very often, but we did two to DaveO and Big Al's fleet and they used the wonderfully named "From Hell's Heart I Stab At Thee" card to turn any critical they take into a double one - so they suicided a Cruiser just to do it all over again for the lulz.

My face when the bastards played that card and did another three of our ships.

(It's actually a Herman Melville quote BTW)

Not so much a case of "something wrong with our bloody ships today" as "something wrong with their bloody ships today".

So after that things went pretty much as might be expected. Good fun though and looks like Pirates of the Uncharted Seas will be played in this fashion again in the future.

That's another game for the 2010 list along with another two sessions of 40k Combat Patrol (one at Stourbridge, one at Stewey's) that I frankly haven't been bothered to blog about.

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